It always helps to know the meaning of a particular error code. That’s because when the ECU displays a code, it doesn’t always tell you what it’s for. All you see are vague numbers that do not make much sense. Fortunately for you, our performance shop in Charleston is happy to help! 

Here we will talk more about the error code ‘P0011’ (P0012 stands for the same issue) that comes in your Subaru.    

What does the Error Code P0011 mean? | Performance Shop

The code P0011 stands for ‘Camshaft Position’. The sensor that sends this information works with the crankshaft and sends an error when the timing is out of order. In other words, this means that the timing belt is not working properly and must be adjusted.   

Moreover, the same code can show up when the AVCS solenoid malfunctions or stops working. The problem isn’t a major one and it doesn’t require immediate attention, but it is best to solve it sooner rather than later.  

How to Diagnose 

The first thing that will let you know of such a problem is the check engine light. When the yellow light illuminates in your dash and you use an OBD2 scanner, the problem presents itself automatically. Not only does this save time, but it also saves you from tricky mechanics. However, if you are unable to visit a mechanic, like our performance shop in Charleston and you don’t have a scanner at home, then you must know of other symptoms to diagnose the problem. So, whenever you notice problems with startup and ignition, together with a check engine light, then you can diagnose it as a Camshaft Position issue.  

How to Solve?

Error codes can be erased in two ways: 

1.) You can erase them using the scanner because sometimes an unclean sensor can send the wrong signals. 

2.) You can fix the issue and then clear all codes through the scanner. 

The latter is more likely but you can never trust dusty sensors. Therefore, it’s best practice to erase the codes and wait for them to come back on again. If it does, the problem is worth solving, otherwise, you won’t have to worry about it ever again. If you are not sure how to do either of the above, you can head on over to the Our performance shop in Charleston for an in-depth check-up of your car. 

How we can help?

The Performance Shop Charleston deals in all kinds of Subaru-related issues. So, if you have an error code or some other maintenance issue, do not hesitate to book a visit. Our professional staff is always ready to provide you the best service.