Dyno Tuning Services 

We are now offering complete dyno tuning and break-in services. Our dyno is capable of handling up to 1500hp with both street and full race engines. 

What are the perks to having dyno tuning in Charleston SC?

Having a dyno tune on your vehicle provides maximum power, better fuel economy, enhanced drivability, and a much smoother ride. Performing engine tuning on a chassis dyno eliminates hazards involved when directly street/ track tuning. Dyno tuning also allows precise control and adjustments of the calibration due to the highly controllable environment and laboratory-grade testing equipment.

When Should I have dyno tuning done on my vehicle?

Typically, a dyno tune is done upon the completion of any upgrade being done to the vehicle or the customer wants the optimal performance out of the vehicle in the current configuration.

dyno tuning services charleston sc

Dyno Tuning Services in Charleston SC & Summerville SC

We use a MD-AWD-150 Mustang Dynamometer for the absolute best performance and tuning possible. Customers and critics alike all agree that the Mustang Dyno is the most accurate and reliable because it supplies real-world loading and precise control.

The MD-AWD-150 comes with a k140 Model Eddy Power Absorber that has a maximum steady-state load capacity of 625 hp and a total power capacity of 2000 horsepower in the All-Wheel Drive mode. The dyno uses a linked drive system that works in tandem with the front and back rollers to imitate a dry and flat road and will not cause any discrepancies with ABS/ traction control systems on today’s advanced vehicles.

Our Dyno Tuning services in Charleston & Summerville SC will be able to fully optimize and enhance the performance of any vehicle regardless of previous modifications or enhancements done to the vehicle.

Recent Dyno Tuning in Charleston & Summerville SC

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