The fuel pump is an integral part of the fuel system, and without it the car cannot function. That’s because it is the only component sending fuel to the engine. If the pump fails or the supply is cut from the tank, the vehicle will come to a halt. Not only that, but you will witness a loss in performance as well. 

If you want to avoid such a thing from happening, you should learn about the causes of failure and steer clear of them. If you are driving a Subaru, you should know that fuel pump failure is a common problem with these vehicles. That’s why if you are in the area, you should visit Subaru Repair in Summerville for a comprehensive inspection and service.    

Meanwhile, here are the most common causes of fuel pump failure. 

Filling the Tank Halfway | Subaru Repair in Summerville SC

The fuel pump is located inside the tank for most vehicles. It is submerged in fuel most of the time to ensure proper fuel pressure for the engine. But if you repeatedly put less fuel in the tank and starve the fuel pump of fuel, it will start to experience a drop in performance. If such a thing is prolonged, the fuel pump can lose its integrity and ultimately stop working. 

Using Contaminated Fuel 

Usually, there is a fuel filter in place to protect the engine and other fuel system components from harm. But if that filter is out of commission or damaged, dirty fuel and its contaminants can damage the fuel pump. A blockage might put too much back pressure on the fuel pump, causing considerable damage to the pump’s motor. 

Moreover, if you use low-quality fuel for your car, the chances of fuel pump failure will increase multiple folds. Therefore, you should never trust an untrustworthy gas station with your vehicle. Instead, you should always try to go for a reputable brand or company.

Electrical Problems Subaru Repair in Charleston SC

The fuel pump takes power from the car’s battery to run its motor. It is connected to the power supply through a series of wires, which means there is a lot that can go wrong. If any of the several connections malfunction, the power supply could cut from the fuel pump, and you will experience problems in performance. 

The engine could even refuse to start or stall at crucial moments. That’s why you should keep your car safe from rodents. Otherwise, they can chew the wires and cut the power supply to the fuel pump.  

Insufficient Filtration 

The fuel filter protects the fuel pump. But constant harmful deposits can choke the filter and restrict supply to the fuel pump. That’s why you should take extra care of the filter and check it every six months to ensure everything is in perfect condition. 

If you don’t know how to check, you can always look for Subaru repair in Summerville for some help.