Let’s face it, every car enthusiast wants to modify their ride to the max. They are committed to spending thousands of dollars just to eke out that tiny bit of performance out of their car. However, we rarely get to see that happen, since not all the modifications work. Some components are gimmicks that sell quite well, thanks to targeted marketing campaigns. They convince you that their product is the one you want to unlock your car’s potential. So, which performance upgrades really work? How do differentiate between right and wrong? Well, you talk to professionals who do this kind of work daily, like the folks at the Auto Performance Shop in Charleston, SC. Our entire team is always ready to answer your queries and help you achieve what you want with your car. 

While you book an appointment take a look at the 3 performance upgrades that actually work. 

Does Upgrading the Camshaft Work? 

The camshaft is responsible for opening and closing the valves on a set pattern. So, if you can alter the valve timing by upgrading the cams, you can enhance the car’s performance. This is usually achieved by installing a performance camshaft with aggressive lobe patterns. When the air intake valve opens for longer, more air is sucked into the combustion chamber. Subsequently, more fuel enters the system, and the mixture of both results in extra horsepower. 

Does Installing a Cat-Back Exhaust Enhance Performance? 

The exhaust system is designed to excrete harmful gases from the combustion chamber into the air after filtration. The sooner these fumes exit the engine, the faster the next cycle can begin. Luckily, by installing a wider exhaust pipe with a cat-back exhaust, you can do just that. A wider pipe accommodates more gases into the system, while the cat-back system filters out the harmful gases without restricting the flow. The result is a faster cycle time, allowing the engine to produce a tad bit more horsepower. 

You can visit the Auto Performance Shop in Charleston, SC to install a wider cat-back exhaust system on your car. 

Coilovers vs. Standard Suspension 

You can unlock a lot of performance in your car by upgrading the stock suspension. The route people usually take is installing coilovers because they can be manually adjusted to fit any performance requirement. Whether you want to soften and increase ride height for the street or stiffen and decrease ride height for the track, coilovers can do it best. They have a lock ring in the setup, so once you choose the ride height, you can lock it in position. The biggest drawback, however, is that coilovers are expensive, and installing them could drain your bank account. But, if you want a good deal, you should head over to the Auto Performance Shop in Charleston, SC, and talk to our experts. Our guys will solve everything for you!


We could go on and on talking about the performance upgrades that actually work. But that would take a lifetime. So, if you have any questions, you can consult our experts at the Auto Performance Shop in Charleston, SC. If you are in the area, it is worth a visit.