The Mass Airflow Sensor is a small component that plays an integral role in the day-to-day running of a car. But even though it is small, the MAF sensor performs one of the important jobs of managing the flow of air coming into the engine. If it is working fine, the combustion chamber receives the precise amount of air to match the fuel entering the system. That’s the end goal, however, when the part fails, you could experience a drop in performance. What do you do? You try to catch the failure before it happens by looking for the symptoms. Alternatively, you could book an appointment at the Auto Repair Shop in Charleston, SC. We will help you out with any performance issues concerning your vehicle. 

Let’s look at a few symptoms, so you can try to catch the problem before the MAF completely fails. 

Difficulty Starting the Car 

A failing MAF sensor could make it difficult for the car to start. That’s because insufficient air entering the combustion chamber also hinders fuel flow. Without the latter, the engine cannot start at all.

Sometimes the car would start, and you would face no problems. So, if it is an intermittent problem, you should get your vehicle checked at a professional workshop. And there is no one better at this kind of work than the Auto Repair Shop in Charleston, SC.

You can bring your car into our garage, and we will solve any MAF issues you might have in your vehicle.  

Loss of Power 

Another symptom to detect MAF failure is to look for a loss of power when accelerating. It is quite a common issue for drivers to complain about their car’s acceleration. Sometimes, it is related to the fuel system or the fuel’s quality. But that’s not always the case. You must rule those issues out first before moving to diagnose the MAF sensor. If you find that the fuel’s delivery and quality are immaculate, then the most plausible culprit could be the MAF. 

We know that fuel and air are directly proportional to each other in a modern vehicle. So, even when one of them is lacking the other gets affected. In this case, the restricted airflow could hinder the fuel supply even though the fuel system is working fine. 

The solution is to clean the MAF sensor if it is dirty or replace it in case of complete failure. 

Rich Air Fuel Mixture

We have talked about how restricted airflow affects the car and its performance. Now, if we look at the opposite end of the spectrum, too much air into the system forces more fuel into the combustion chamber. The result is a rich a/f mixture and fuel wastage.

Normally, the oxygen sensor would stop this from happening, but when that doesn’t work, the raw fuel could exit the system signaling you to get your car checked. 

Perplexed? No need to be since the Auto Repair Shop in Charleston, SC can figure it all out for you. 


It is not wise to trust everybody with a malfunctioning MAF sensor. They might charge you too much for the repair, even if the fix is simple MAF sensor cleaning. Instead, head over to the Auto Repair Shop in Charleston, SC. We do all the work without charging you more than the car deserves.