The recent introduction of EVs has taken the automotive world by storm. Soon, electric vehicles will outnumber conventional cars with Internal Combustion Engines (ICE), and consumers would be forced to shift. But why is the industry favoring or rather enforcing such a radical change? The answer is climate change. 

The Earth’s health is worsening with each passing day, and it is our job to do everything we can to help save our planet. The ICE cars we usually use produce carbon emissions that harm the environment. So, for now, we must get our vehicles tested to ensure no extra emissions are leaking into the atmosphere. If there is a leak, you could contact the Auto Repair Shop in Charleston, SC for a quick fix. 

In the future, however, stringent steps must be taken to ensure our planet’s survival. Fortunately, world leaders have already taken steps to ensure the Earth’s survival. The United Kingdom, for example, has banned the production and sale of conventional ICE vehicles from 2030. The European Union is following suit with a similar ban, effective by 2035. The USA lags slightly, but we are expected to catch up soon.

Is a Complete Shift to EVs a Sustainable Solution?

Unfortunately, EV technology is not at a point where it can be deemed a dependable solution. For starters, electric vehicles are too expensive right now that people are not interested enough to invest in them. Moreover, there are not many charging stations around the globe to sustain the impending influx of EVs. 

In other words, a complete shift to electric vehicles is quite a challenging task. It makes you wonder if there is another solution out there that mimics the effects of an EV or slows down the harmful effects of carbon emissions. Fortunately, we have one in place already. Yes, we are talking about hybrid vehicles or PHEVs. These cars have a conventional engine and battery-supported driving (zero emissions) to complement the setup. As a result, the carbon emissions are not as high, and car owners can save up on fuel costs. There are already a large number of them on the road all across the globe, and the masses seem to love them. 

However, others are not in favor of any electrification. These people consider ICE vehicles the only option because they come with many benefits. We are talking about more power for towing and carrying payloads. Plus, zero dependence on charging stations and never-ending recharging times.    

The solution is the use of recently developed biofuels or sustainable fuels. A few companies are already producing them, while others sell the fuels commercially. You can put this unique gas in your car, and it would essentially run like before. Meanwhile, your vehicle won’t produce any harmful gases to hurt the environment. It’s a win-win situation, right? Unfortunately, that is not the case since e-fuels aren’t getting as much exposure as they should.

Which Solution is the best? 

Frankly, investing more in sustainable fuels could save a lot of money already invested in developing EVs. We would need no charging stations, no extra infrastructure to accommodate such vehicles, and the cars would run on conventional engines. Moreover, the ICE cars wouldn’t produce any harmful gases. Every faction would be happy. However, we would have to wait and see if the governments follow suit and accept such solutions. 

But no matter what happens, the folks at the Auto Repair Shop in Charleston, SC have the expertise to cater to every need. It doesn’t matter if you bring an EV, hybrid, or an ICE vehicle to our doorstep, we guarantee unmatched service.