Do performance upgrades really work? Which ones are the most effective? How to unlock your car’s performance? 

These recurring questions have long been a part of the discussion in the automotive community. As a result, a lot of myths have developed that do nothing but add to the confusion of upcoming enthusiasts. Who is right, and who is wrong? Perhaps, we will never witness the end of this discussion. But we can try to debunk some of the myths and try to present a clearer picture. 

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So, without further ado, let’s look at the common myths surrounding auto performance. 

High Octane Fuel Equals More Power

A lot of people believe that the more expensive a thing is, the better it would be in terms of quality. While that holds true for most things, it is certainly not the case when it comes to fuel. A lot of car owners see hi-octane fuel as the absolute best because it is expensive and it is marketed to ‘improve performance. However, that isn’t true as the octane rating relates to the fuel’s ability to resist knocking. It has nothing to do with performance! The 85-octane gas and the 91-octane fuel have the same energy content. So, it doesn’t matter which gas you choose, neither improves performance. 

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More Pistons Equals More Braking Power 

You might have seen sports cars with massive brakes and wondered why you don’t have them in your vehicle. Well, that’s because you probably don’t need them. The stock brake calipers in your vehicle are perfectly capable of locking up the disc and stopping the car. However, if you are unable to stop in time, you should look to invest in a premium set of tires. This way, you will be investing in the right area instead of wasting your money on an unnecessary set of upgrades. 

Unless you are regularly driving on the track, you don’t need more pistons in the caliper. If you still decide to go for the upgrade, then contact the Auto Performance Shop in Charleston, SC to talk to our experts. 

Huge Spoilers Don’t Always Work 

Adding a large-sized rear wing does not necessarily improve performance on your street car. Yes, the rear wing looks good on your vehicle and you get a few appreciative looks. But is it worth getting a spoiler for looks and sacrificing straight-line speed by introducing drag into the equation? Well, that’s a rear wing’s only practical use. It essentially increases downforce at high speeds to enhance a car’s cornering ability. But if used incorrectly the car could experience too much drag and lose top speed. 

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The myths surrounding automotive performance are too many to list in one article. There are simply too many! But if you want to learn more and desire to move in the right direction, do not hesitate to contact us at the Auto Performance Shop in Charleston, SC. Our experts will tell you everything you need to know before making an upgrade.