People who drive performance cars would tell you how good those untamed machines handle around corners. The secret? Performance vehicles have coilover suspension, which makes all that possible. But handling isn’t the only advantage coilovers have over standard suspension. 

Let’s look at a few perks of having coilover suspension in your car. 

Maximum Adjustability 

Road-going cars have regular suspension, which is not easy to adjust. In fact, tinkering with such a thing would require disassembling the various parts and maybe even changing a few to suit your needs. That’s where coilovers excel and beat the rest by a mile. Coilover suspension can be adjusted easily, even by a non-motorhead. You need to twist a component to change the settings to your liking. Fortunately, you can do that before going for a drive, which means you can configure road and track settings to your preference. 

Improved Handling 

Coilover suspension is stiffer and sturdier than a standard car suspension setup. It offers enhanced road grip and rigidity in corners, meaning you can go faster while turning. Plus, you can defy physics by reducing the rollover effect. All of these things are important when you are driving on the track. But they are equally important when you are on the highway. 

However, you must maintain a subtle balance between rigidity and comfort. Otherwise, daily driving would become a chore. 

Affordable Performance Upgrade 

Some performance upgrades are so expensive that they could run you dry. But coilovers do not fall into that category. They are relatively cheaper compared to other suspension upgrades, and they are a long-term solution. You can get them as a one-time investment deal and enjoy the benefits for years to follow. 

Moreover, you get more value out of coilovers with the price you pay. Some are under $500, while even the most expensive ones would cost you under $2000. The higher price point will add to reliability, so unless you are choosing coilovers for your track-based car, you don’t need the expensive ones. 

Add to the Looks 

Have you ever wanted to transform your car and give it that ‘slammed’ look? Well, that is possible with coilover suspension. All you have to do is tweak the height, and you can get that clean and desirable aesthetic. However, keep in mind that doing so will increase the feeling of bumps inside the cabin. Your car will become increasingly sensitive to even the slightest irregularity on the road. In other words, comfort will go out the window. But you will get aesthetics and some aerodynamic benefits from lowering your vehicle. 


Ensure you get proper wheel alignment after installing coilovers as any tinkering with the suspension messes up the camber and toe. Head on over to the Performance Shop Charleston to get the best wheel alignment Charleston, SC. 

Once you are done with that, the world is your oyster! Have fun and enjoy the improved performance of your car.