Air suspension is one of the most advanced types of suspension systems available in the market at this moment. It has all the benefits of a regular suspension while also having a few perks of coil overs. It sounds like a dream come true, and it is for the enthusiast community. Don’t forget to get a wheel alignment in Charleston done after you change any of your suspensions. 

Airbag suspension allows car owners to remotely increase or decrease their ride height. We are talking about zero manual adjustments. All you have to do is press a button, and the car goes up and down on your command. But that’s not all you can do with air suspension. 

Here are a few other things showcasing the usefulness of air suspension: 

Add Aesthetic Flavor 

The term ‘bagged’ is commonly thrown around in the automotive community. But only a few have any idea what it means. The term ‘bagging’ in the car community refers to reducing the height of a vehicle to a very low point where the bag (part of the air suspension) is nearly out of air.  This is usually done to make the car look more appealing. 

If you want to visualize what a bagged car looks like, you can imagine a vehicle whose tires are almost touching the fenders. Sometimes, the tires are even scraping the underside of the fender. And all of that is to enhance the aesthetics of a vehicle. 

So, if you have air suspension in your car, you can become the highlight of any automotive show. It looks good and doesn’t require any tools for adjustment, unlike coilovers. 

Reduced Vibration 

Perhaps, the most useful perk of having air suspension is the reduced road noise and vibration. The latter can destroy the calmness and quietness inside a car. Sometimes that is what you want – a peaceful cabin environment for a leisurely drive around town. 

Air suspension helps because it adds a cushion between all the mechanical parts of a car. You have a bag of air that absorbs bumps and doesn’t transfer road noise to the cabin. Plus, vibration goes down to a minimum, which is always a welcome feeling. 

Better Aerodynamics 

If you want to make you go fast, you need better aerodynamics to let the wind pass over your car without much resistance. Air suspension helps with that as well, especially if you have an adaptable setup. 

By reducing ride height and getting closer to the ground, you can cut off drag and slice through the air like butter. Not only is this good for fuel consumption, but it also makes your drive a million times more enjoyable. 

Conclusion of Wheel Alignment Charleston SC

Air suspension has a ton of benefits, but it is unfortunately expensive. Not everyone can afford the setup, but those who can, have nothing but praise for air suspension. If you have got one recently, head on over to the Performance Shop Charleston and get the best wheel alignment in Charleston, SC. After all, any change in the suspension requires a thorough assessment of the wheel alignment, without which you can mess up the tires.